“Apparently my lifestyle is called quarantine.”

Things to do at home during the COVID:

Méditation : 

If you’re not the religious type like me, take some time to be still and meditate. I don’t trust in god and hope to offense no one, I definitely trust in a bigger energy and in our energies.

We should take This time to think about why we are in this situation and what we will change when it’s over.

Méditation and Yoga, writing, about what we miss the most for example, so when we’re all out of here we remember how lucky we are to be able to do small and simple things.

Gather things you no longer use and clean your Home

I like to clear the space I’m in when I get anxious. I feel like it’s symbolic for me clearing my mind. Use the KonMari method and ask yourself about each item, does this spark joy? If not, put the item in the donate pile.

When businesses are back up and running and COVID-19 is no longer a threat, donate these items!

It’s officially spring!

After you’ve put aside the junk you don’t use, clean up the dust and disinfect your home.

The CDC recommends using diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol, or household cleaners and disinfectants.

Read about disinfecting your home here.

Clean your home often! For me it’s therapeutic.

For tips on how to organize your newly cleaned home, read about Marie Kondo’s Tidy Tips here.

The KonMari method of folding allows clothes to fit drawers in a way that each item can be visualized.

Read a book

One of my biggest excuses to not read a book is “not having time.”

Well, now that there aren’t any other distractions it’s time to sit down and crack that book open.

Here’s a list of favorites that have changed my life:

  1. Ça – Stephen King
  2. The Millionaire Next Door
  3. L’alchimiste – Paulo Coelho
  4. L’étranger – Albert Camus
  5. Les fourmis – Bernard Werber
  6. 10 Le parfum – Patrick Süskind
  7. Financial Peace

Currently I’m reading Haruki MURAKAMI “Kafka sur le rivage”. Let me tell you it’s hard for me since I created my business to sit and read instead of being on my computer working, but quarantine tells me I’ll have time to get through it.

Try a new workout

I’ve been committing 20 minutes to 1 hour a day since the lockdown. All I have at home is mats and weights.

For at home workouts I follow few girls on instagram and youtube but also create my own workouts depending on the zone I want to improve ! You can also check out Popsugar Fitness on Youtube and the Verywell Fit website for more workout ideas.

Keep yourself active however you can while maintaining a social distance.  

Here in Morocco We’re still allowed to take walks around the neighborhood, but be respectful about the rules for everyone’s safety.

Dedicate some time for a beauty routine

Now’s the perfect time to get into a beauty routine.

Lately I’ve been trying argan oil and ants oil on my scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. I’ve been doing a bunch of home and natural mask, I will probably putt my beauty tips in an other article.

I’ve also been consistent in taking vitamins and Spirulina.

Check out Beauty Within on Youtube for some education about everything related to our health and how it affects our hair, skin, and nails.

Last idea: Cook and try new recipes, I left lay vegan pie on the blog section.

Stay safe <3

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