Create it, Wear it, Recycle it

One Mantra.

Say goodbye to fast-fashion. It’s time to say hello to the custom-made in limited quantities. LaCerf is an eco-responsible brand, a more ethical way to consume fashion. Clothes are made with respect for the workers and the environment.

LaCerf is above all tailor-made clothing, made in very small quantities with 100% recycled fabrics, natural fibers or vintage collection.
The ethos is simple: Challenge and break the traditions of women’s ready-to-wear imposed by the fashion multinationals. In one word: Upcycling.
The gypsy vibe, rock and high fashion inspirations of our collections come from many travels around the world, from a passion for surfing, a bohemian lifestyle in the South of France and in the streets of north Morocco, but above all an incredible desire of creating art, drove by love and freedom. A gypsy chic spirit for timeless clothes that combine sophistication and practicality.
LaCerf, is an ethical e-shop featuring bohemian-chic, rock and arty-inspired looks!

The sense of detail

“A life is made of details, but a detail can change a life.” “Impeccable” sewing, limited series and “slowfashion” process, vintage fabrics, recycled or natural fibers with quality style.
LaCerf offers a craftsmanship service with handmade creations that let the customer’s creativity take over everything else.
Send us your suggestions, We can make your dreams become reality:

A soul before a brand

The name, LaCerf, is the essence of the brand came by playing with words. 

The deer spiritual totem of the Brand is a symbol of peace and serenity. It poses no threat when you see it out in the woods and it can beguile you with its natural beauty and elegance. It has kindness and benevolence that you can see even from afar.

And the word “La serre” in French, which means a glass construction where the plants are sheltered, where exotic or delicate plants are cultivated.

La serre is our office where we cultivate for you our most beautiful idea and our best handcrafts artists. 

These few syllables that resonate between countries, or between oceans and cultures. Make this brand exist, there’s no borders to creativity to dedication and love, you gives us a voice and a soul. 

This name is the starting point of this whole story. 

The defense of values that are important to the founder and team working on this project since 2016.

The journey Begins,

“Each season is inspired by a different part of the world and my explorations there.
The design aesthetic and fabrication tells the story of a region, a point in time, of strangers, travel partners, lovers found and lost, and regional heritage engrained in the entire line.”

This brand is about freedom, about love, passion and devotion.
This brand is about a whole generation trying to take better decisions. The earth is what we all have in common.

Progress is impossible without change.

Designing, painting, dancing, surfing, traveling … it’s more than that. It is above all a family story between generations. The inheritance so precious that received Halima is a passion for Art and shapes transmitted by her mother then the fabric collection of her grandmother, a heritage that she was gonna use to express her emotions, like a piece of art that she will paint drop by drop since her 18-year-old.
LaCerf is a unique, limited-sized, custom-made piece of clothing, made from 5 to 60 -year-old fabrics for some. Brought back from all over the world in the hope of giving them a second life. Previously selected, by her grandmother, they find their “freedom” 60 years later being worn.

Who is behind the curtain?

An artistic and fickle spirit, a hyperactive, and idealistic. This is what lies behind Halima, this young French-Moroccan graduate in communication. A V8 engine in a dancer’s body. This passion which animates her, the values ​​she defends, have converged on the natural creation of her brand.

Much more than just a ready-to-wear brand on the market, it combines sustainability, friendship values, art and all of it in a 100% eco-friendly and ethical way.


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