Iconic Eyewear Moments From The’90s

The 90’s fashion eyewear are literally everywhere right now. Johnny depp, Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, Brad Pitt, eyewear inspiration are so trending since last summer. And it will still be the case for Spring/Summer 2020. Let’s dive into the inspiration picture back at that time! 

Cat eye sunglasses

These glasses are one of our favourite style. If we could only took one pair on vacation it would be these ones. But how to wear cat eye glasses ? This retro shape is fine for every occasion : an everyday look or on your head while sitting back and watching the sunset! These stylish frames have the ability to make you look and feel chic and high fashion, even when you’re working your 9-to-5 job or running errands around town.

Inspiration Pinterest

Vintage 90’s Narrow Glasses

Flash back to the 90’s with this classic, super small. Wear these celebrity must-have sunglasses with any outfit but we would recommand a girly look with eyeliner cat eye to be even more glamourous !

Round Ray Ban , “Teashades” Style

OK it’s not really the 90’s style but they still are our favourite. LaCerf team were them all the time!

To conclude LaCerf eyewear selection, we wanted to talk about sunglasses pick. There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there about sunglasses and face shapes. We only have one advice to tell you: DO WHAT YOU WANT, whatever makes you happy, if you feel yourself pretty with sunglasses on, then you should go for it no matter what’s trending or not! You are you own trend, don’t forget that.

Send us a picture of you with your LaCerf Style on and even sunglasses so we can share it with the Tribe.
Love you all, XX!

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