Creating clothes the most eco-friendly way is LaCerf’s main goal. While manufacturing clothes, we are making sure to create them in the most sustainable way possible. We take into account both socio-economic and environmental aspects.


Creating clothes the most eco-friendly way is LaCerf’s main goal. While manufacturing clothes, we are making sure to create them in the most sustainable way possible. We take into account both socio-economic and environmental aspects.

How do we do that?

Well, to be honest with you guys, it is not always easy and it’s a far more expensive method than what the fast fashion industry are using to make their clothes. BUT, we are much happier! When we look at the final results and think about all the steps we went through to give it life, it is such a great feeling! We’re leaving a positive footprint on this planet and that is extremely satisfying.

In practice, this implies long hours of work, trying to find the best practices and ways to recycle what is left. These pieces of material which are usually considered rubbish in the fashion industry, is for LaCerf THE main material to create you clothes.

How do we do that?

From design, manufacturing, transport, storage, marketing and final sale we are trying to improve all of these stages constantly. Our aim is to minimize undesired environmental effect of the product’s life cycle.

We ensure to ONLY use recycled pieces of fabric to give them a second life. We are trying our best to make you feel amazing while also doing our part for the earth. Eco-friendly fashion doesn’t always mean second hand! We only create a few pieces of each design for every collection, by only using what’s left of the fabric. So we remake, reuse, repair all the products and its components.

How do we help you?

First of all, by making you feel beautiful! Clothes are made to empower women, make them feel strong every single day and in any situation. Since walking around naked is not fashionable! Here at LaCerf we decided to work around that and make you feel yourself, even with clothes on!

We also encourage our consumer to have more sustainable consumption patterns by caring and washing practices, and overall attitudes to fashion.. All the LaCerf eco-friendly clothes


From an economic and human perspective at LaCerf our aim is to give a better life to all the people who joined the team a few years ago. From our factories in Morrocco, to our team in France but also to our customer. 

Sustainable fashion is also giving YOU the customer, the possibility to buy sustainable fashion at the best price. All the profits made are re-invested in LaCerf to improve the present working conditions for workers in the field, in the factories, transportation chain, and stores, by aligning with good ethics, best practice and international codes of conduct.When only 30% of the women world wide working in clothing factories have an acceptable living wage we are committed to making it better ! 

But we are also concerned about improving our customers lifestyle and that of our co-workers. We ensure to help women live a better life in Morrocco, by paying them an above award wage. LaCerf’s goal is to empower female workers through fair pay and humane working conditions.

We’re continuously improving on our way to produce not only the best products, but a safe working environment for our employees.

Our priority is to guarantee fair labor conditions and fundamental labor rights. #whomademyclothes.
Our goal is to make it easier than ever to buy eco-friendly, vegan and sustainable fashion ! 

YOU can make a difference by choosing more responsible products that look good and do good ! Join #TheTribe

Here are a few things to look at to make sure you are picking the best fashion products : 

  • Look for labels (labels that explain where it is from and the materials used to make it).
  • Support your local eco-friendly business, open your eyes they are all around you!
  • Your voice matters (Fast fashion is a shame, say it loud!) 

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Can fabric scraps be recycled?

Yes yes yes, definitely!

The Fashion Industry has a textile waste problem! Even though most textiles are recyclable, only about 15% of the 14.3 million tons of textile waste generated in the U.S. every year gets recycled, how crazy is that?!

Leftover fabric comes in many forms. Perhaps you are a seamstress with scraps from cutting out clothing, or a quilter with lots of trimmings from quilt blocks. LaCerf 0% waste project want to reuse them in various craft projects !

How do we recycle the leftover fabrics?

Wasting is LaCerf’s biggest fear! Not only because it’s against our eco-friendly practices but also because it is such a shame to put fabrics in the bin when we know we can still use it and transform it into gold!

Since the beginning, one of our main aims here at LaCerf has been to make the customer feel a sense of satisfaction. Not just in their own physical appearance of looking good and feeling great, but to take part in what is going to be one of the greatest environmental challenges to face our generation.

As you’ve seen before for every order equal to 100€ and more we are happy to give you a little gift from the scraps of fabric. You can also find these little gifts during our events on christmas markets or during the different flea markets we are on in summer ! Pop by and say hi to get your lovely LaCerf recycled gift from our 0% waste project! 

From nothing more than a few mere scraps of unwanted materials, we have stitched them together in a greater hope of changing this planet for the better and creating a few smiles along the way! These items can also be reappropriated for other uses such as rubber bands, small purses, scarves… whatever comes to our minds! We make something out of these leftovers but our goal is to produce something you will use and enjoy every day! 

Join the Tribe 0% Waste Project!

And always keep in mind : “rien ne perd tout se transforme”
Nothing is lost, everything can have a second life!
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