Go Behind the Scenes Perspective of LaCerf’s Moroccan Photo Shooting

The collection is been out for only a few days and what a warm welcome you did to it! After all we went through to be able to share with you these wonderful products. Because, yes a lot of things happened behind the scenes during this shooting and we will tell you about it in a minute! 

The point of this article is too share with you what really goes on behind the scene of a photo shooting. This moment who seems to be super cool and that you would love to attend was in fact kind of a nightmare. Not a proper nightmare, but still. But we kept smiling all along the way! 

Way to early to woke up

OK so let’s admit it, all the LaCerf teams member aren’t the kind of morning person who are use to walk up super early, run 10km then go home, cook breakfast and all that. Nop, we love to party until late, drink a little to much, sleep late, eat late and go surfing. 

BUT, we’ve been doing so much better lately. (I hear you laughing, but this is actually true!)
For the Rebellion, Vintage and Androgene Collection we decided to took off to Marocco. Sunshine, fresh air, palm trees and… trouble!

Thanks to the French Strike it was already a nightmare only to go the airport. But well, we made it! A few days to get organised, make sure everyone was available, and off we go.

The fine wasn’t fun

LaCerf shooting was super fun, especially when you have this amazing couple in front of you spreading such a great energy. It was heaps of fun until the police showed up. LOL. Not very funny at that moment.

25 minutes chat and a fine later, off we go, AGAIN. Unfortunately, it was too late to catch the sunset. And we’ve been kind of waiting for that the whole day.

We pretty much do “wild” photo shooting because we are loving it. Finding the right spot, corresponding with the mood of the day and the modele is what matters the most according to LaCerf team.

Why we wanted to share the “Behind The Scenes” with you

 So, often we shoot in environments that are not optimized for snapping photos—such as those with poor lighting—and he gets creative with how he crafts compositions.

These behind-the-scenes shots are not glamorous, but you’d never realize LaCerf’s staging if we didn’t share the photos with you guys.

So, why post them at all? Many photographers or brands are kind of afraid to share the back of the scene for the simple fact that the public realize that it is not always made from the best places or expensive production and demerit the work of the brand!

LaCerf think differently as you probably already notice. We are happy to share with you all these kind of little trouble with you straight away on Instagram stories, during a facebook post. That’s what make us true. True to you!

It wasn’t just that

Well, the trip was fun, we have heaps of funny story to share with you about this trip to Morocco. Like when Halima nearly missed here flight back to France. But she made it! You want to know why? You are not ready for it! By stopping the bus on its way to the airport in the middle of road. Litteraly parking the car in front of it. Glad being ridiculus doesn’t kill, but at least, we made it back home!

Stay tuned for more adventures, behind the scene pictures and funny stories.

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