What are the biggest challenges for fashion brands in 2020 ?

Well it’s probably a little early to mention, but 2019 is nearly over and that’s a fact. Some of you who have had a great year might be finding it difficult seeing it come to and end. On the other hand, for those of you who’ve had a difficult 2019 you might see 2020 as a game changer like we do.

Since creating LaCerf’s fashion line, every year the team stops to ask ourselves a serious and important question. (​when the team has a little more time after running around during the Christmas period!!​). ​What is going to be the next challenge for fashion in 2020? How can we reinvent ourselves? H​ow can we differentiate LaCerf from the other mainstream fashion brands out there​, and challenge them as well ? How can we become more than just another sustainable fashion brand ?

Sustainability in 2020

During the past few years, The ​Fashion Industry has made a lot of efforts to create sustainable, ready-to-wear clothes.​ Because of the customers voice through social media and various other outlets, the brands have agreed to take a hard look at their impact on this planet and take measures to assure they lessen their individual impact on the biodiversity. So a lot of brands are now showing their abilities to be more environmentally friendly and lessen the negative footprint they leave behind them. But Hallima, LaCerfs founder answered the previous with an equally important question? How can we try to restore what’s been lost ? Because a great deal of beautiful material used in fashion, comes directly from nature.

From her point of view, LaCerfs biggest challenge in 2020 is not only to recycle scrap fabrics but help nature grow and eventually restore it back to its former beauty. Nothing is more important to us than the environment, not even fashion!. Here at LaCerf we are focused on improving our environmental impact on everything from flora to fauna. When you join our team by purchasing one of our products, you’re not only taking an interest in fashion but you are helping us make a positive difference on this earth!

Leather, viscose and cotton has damaged natural habitats by replacing the indigenous vegetation, while intensive use of pesticides has caused pollinator populations and biodiversity in the soil to plummet. Wool and cashmere are likewise driving habitat loss and soil degradation at breakneck speed. The first step was to measure the impact but what can be the solution, how can LaCerf act in this reconstruction process ?

Launching the Vintage Shop

Second hand and vintage might be the key.​ Remember this sweater that you bought a few months back, you loved it so much for a month or two but after a while it ended up in the bottom drawer of your dresser right? You probably don’t even remember the last you’ve worn it!
Meanwhile, Paula who’s on the other side of the country is probably looking for this brand of sweater but was unable to find it in any mainstream store. There are many out there just like Paula, and equally as many who can’t always afford the clothes they want brand new. Paula is also conscious that it’s not only better for the wallet to buy vintage clothes, but also for the planet.

Keeping all this in mind, the team at LaCerf have decided to do what we do best : sell sustainable clothing at a great price from and to all corners of the globe, all while doing what we can to limit unnecessary waste.
And as simple as it sounds it’s these basic ideals that have come to full fruition and created our vintage fashionista ideals. Our vintage fashion collection has been in the works for over a year now, so to say that we are proud to be finally launching it just in time for Christmas would be an understatement. It’s taken us quite a few months to find THE eco-friendly pieces that you will fall in love with, but here we are.

Stay tuned, we are not done with surprises

2020 is definitely going to be LaCerf’s biggest year because of you guys. We have had an amazing 2019 and we are pretty sure that what’s coming next will only be bigger and better. We just wanted to thank you all for your support! Believing in LaCerf’s eco-friendly tribe is all the support we can ask for. So stay tuned on social media, LaCerf is planning big things!

If you guys have any ideas or suggestions about fashion, sustainability or if you just want to say hello, send us an email at ​

Love you all,
The Tribe

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