Reality check (English Version)

Are you ready for the real spoiler? This week I decided to try on some outfits for our new collection!

THE COLORS OF LIFE. @Lacerfofficial /

But above all to be transparent about how I work, how Lacerf works, but also to show you the process behind it all in pictures, no secrets between us, like at the start.

I get many messages asking me why and how it all started.

Life happens, and sometimes we need a reminder, when the mind goes too fast and so do the days. We don’t make time for anything anymore. I went from projects to projects, tones of projects with tones of brands, because I didn’t know how to say no. It’s like that, and then you end up forgetting yourself, forgetting why you started.

First in, last out, a real workaholic and I didn’t hesitate to come back on weekends to finish some pressing projects.

the competition is ruthless. We have no choice, we have to keep pace if we want to stay in the race for innovation, even if it meant sacrificing my personal life for a few more years.

I always tell myself that I have no more time. No more time to do things right. 

I run this whole business with just one brain, mine, and only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

In short, the daily life of auto-entrepreneurs.

I don’t have time to explain how I feel or why I create things.

To feel, to think, to act… a positive and coherent contribution to the world is in line with my vision.

So this year, more than ever, I promised myself to be completely transparent about everything I do and why.

My favorite activity since a very young age is to put on paper, in different languages, in different ways, what I think or feel. The simple act of writing liberates intensely. It is not a question of writing a novel, but of putting down on paper what is going on in the brain.

From writing to painting, I give birth to words that I invent to build sentences. I coat huge canvases with masses of paint to build paintings.

And little by little I ended up cutting clothes and curtains to make weapons against the world. 

To dress up the sadness of the people around me. 

To beautify others.

I felt better that way, I felt like it was my outlet.

I could control everything with a pencil, brush or scissors.

I could make everything around me beautiful.

Even the most infamous feelings could be dressed up. Disguised.

Lacerf is all that.

Because in the end, all of this rests on me, on my feelings, my creativity. From the first idea, to design, to marketing, each step belongs to me.

It’s sometimes a shame not to be able to share such a project, but how to share a canvas with another artist…

As you know, this collection is the story of one more trip for the Lacerf Crew, events and designer markets on the roads of Mexico. Then lots of surfing.

But above all an impulsive decision: give up the contents of my suitcase to complete strangers and fill it with fabric collected during the trip.

A tribute to the villages of Michoacán that gave me inspiration. A tribute to the reason why I launched the brand 5 years ago. A tribute to my spontaneity. And as simple as this, a tribute to the colors of life.

On the next sequences of images you will be able to see me wearing my own models, photos closer to reality and not necessarily on studio backgrounds.

Even if for your information I would like to specify that we never retouch our photos produced and that we always prefer to work with models who attract us with their character and their charms: Rather than following the codes imposed by the brands of mass production.

For a model like the one I wear, know that you need 1.50 meters of fabric for the top and 1m of fabric for the skirt. 

With evidence, a natural linen that cost me 11 euros per meter as you can see on the last picture, because it is obviously the quality for which I opted. Organic, and in the “Unused fabrics” market to support the circularity movement of fabrics and extend their lifes.

So if we do the math for a model like this, we are already spending 27.5 euros just for the fabric.

I think that from there I don’t need to give you a speech about transport, cleaning the material, production, taxes and costs of mercery packaging and marketing before this model arrives in your mailboxes.

Knowing therefore that on this same model we are on an eco-responsible production and respecting the codes of slow fashion.

Less than 10 units per design to be sure that you feel unique wearing our models.

For a skirt at 89 euros and a top at 74 euros. Lots of passionate love, little fingers, no chain work, quality fabric and unique creations.

Thanks for reading this far and I hope you enjoyed this article.

I promise to make it shorter next time.

But for this first post it needed an introduction and a conclusion worthy of the name.

From the bottom of the heart.